Introducing the KAN Affiliate Portal

The KAYAK Affiliate Network Portal is our platform to help you manage your affiliate business all in one place.

You can switch between different tabs at the top of the page to access each section including the Dashboard, Reports, and Products, as well as manage your Account Settings in the top right-hand corner of the Portal. Here you can also see your affiliate ID under your Account Name.


The dashboard offers an overview of your earnings and traffic data. You can use the dropdown menu to switch between our different travel verticals.

To find more detailed information on the Dashboard, visit How Can I Use the Dashboard To Track Performance?


You can access each of our Reports using the drop-down menu:

  • Performance Report: track your performance with details on transactions, commission, visits, searches and conversion by day, week or month. For more details, visit How Do I Use the Performance Report?
  • Transactions Report: the most detailed report to check individual transactions within the last 90 days. For more details, visit How do I use the Transaction Report?
  • Payment Report: check your payment history and estimated commission earned. For more details visit 'How do I use the Payment Report?' (add the link once we have)


You can access all of our self-service products, including search boxes, text links and banners.

For more details on our available products and how you can integrate these, visit our Products and Integration page.

Coming Soon

We're continually working on bringing you more features and reports - take a look at what's coming soon!

Manage Your Account

In the top right-hand corner, you can access all the necessary tools to manage your account settings.

  • Language: Choose your preferred language.
  • Manager: Edit your Business Profile, add Payment Details and add Users to your account.
  • My Profile: Edit your Personal Profile and Permissions.
  • Help/FAQ: Access our Affiliate Support section directly through the Portal.
  • Contact Us: Get in touch with us.
  • Log out: Log out of your Affiliate Account.
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