How can I use the Dashboard to check performance?

Use the dashboard to look up the following information about your earnings and traffic data. 

On the dashboard, you can see a snapshot of your earnings:

a. Unpaid earnings: accumulated balance that has not yet been transferred to your preferred payment option (this also includes future earnings).

b. Paid earnings: any balance accumulated from the start that has already been transferred to your preferred payment option.

c. Next payment round: accumulated unpaid balance that will be transferred to your preferred payment option in the next payment round, provided that the minimum payment threshold was reached.

Below, you can also see a snapshot of your traffic data for your preferred time period: Past 7 days, Past 30 days, This month or Specific dates. If applicable, you can also filter by Integration Code using the dropdown menu. Click on the buttons as shown below: 


Metrics Overview

You can select different metrics to track your performance, including Visits, Searches, Leads, Bookings and Commission. 

Click on the buttons as shown below:


Vertical Performance

You can select the above metrics to see a breakdown of your performance by travel vertical. 


Performance by Bookings or Commission

Here you can see a graph showing your performance by Bookings or Commission data generated across the selected time period compared to the previous period. 


Device Performance

Use the drop-down menu to view the different metrics in the selected date period per device: desktop, tablet or mobile.  


View Top 10 Performance Summary

For Hotel performance, you can use the Top 10 Performance Summary to easily check the following: the best performing Labels, Integration Code, Hotel Names, Hotel Cities and Booker Location.

Use the buttons to see the results for the chosen metric as shown below:  Tip: Remember that the time period you selected in Step 1 still applies to the Performance Summary.

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